CPAP Trial

4-week CPAP Trial

If you have been recommended by your doctor to commence CPAP therapy, we can help you begin this process with our 4-week CPAP Trial. We understand this can be a tricky transition and we are here to give you all the support you need. Together, let’s start you on a pathway to better health and better sleep.


The CPAP trial is split into two fortnightly sections:

During the first fortnight you’ll be placed on an Auto CPAP machine, programmed to a prescribed pressure limit determined by our specialists. This gives you an opportunity to try one of the most effective, reliable and modern machines on the market. Once this fortnight is finished we download the collected information from the machine and assess the results.

F_P SleepStyle Therapy System demo 2

During the second fortnight you’ll trial a fixed pressure CPAP machine. This machine may have less features than Auto CPAP, but it is proven to provide the therapy required at a fraction of the cost. Once you’ve completed your 4-week CPAP Trial, you will have the ability to purchase your own Auto CPAP or fixed pressure CPAP device. We will even deduct the cost of your CPAP hire off the purchase price!