Ron – NSW

A couple of weeks ago Ron and I walked into your store just to have a look!! After talking to you we were convinced to purchase a ResMed AirMini, after some reluctance on Rons behalf, having used a full mask four many years , we purchased an AirFit N20 nasal mask. Once again after listening to your professional advice. It was a pleasure dealing with you Sebastian and Ron has had wonderful sleeps from the very first night . We both take great delight looking at his iPhone each morning to see his SCORE!!!

A couple of mornings ago I got up early, made coffee and took it into the bedroom. After putting it on Ron’s bedside cupboard I stood and looked at him; there he was on his side sleeping away peacefully and tidy. Where as in the past he would be all over the bed with his mask half on and half off making a pretty awful noise! I realised then just how many years we have had put up with him taking his mask off during the night and then snoring loudly. Then me having to tell him to put the mask back on; and poor Ron having a restless sleep and not really functioning well the next day .
That’s all changed now and we both thank you so very much for putting Ron onto the right track.